King Research
How We Do It
We believe that by closely listening to the voice of the customer, or prospective customer, in a formal structured process we gain the kind of insights that will drive meaningful results for our clients. We have conducted literally thousands of focus groups, interviews, customer advisory board meetings, surveys and other research to gain the understanding we need to deliver the actionable research reports our clients expect from our firm. And we do this in North America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Our research projects always start with detailed discussions with our client to understand their research goals. These goals drive the decisions we make on the research methodology, the profiles of the research participants and the companies or organizations they represent and the questions we’ll ask in each study. Our deep understanding of technology enables us to truly understand what our clients need and then to talk with customers or prospects to understand what they seek as solutions. Once we’ve conducted our research we analyze the results and write a report which provides our customer-or-prospect-driven, actionable recommendations.