King Research
Ross King is the founder of King Research and personally handles your research projects from end-to-end. This hands-on approach ensures the best possible results. Ross spent years doing marketing and consuming market research at technology companies, before becoming a market research practitioner. This practical experience ensures that we understand what our clients need - research results that are truly actionable.

The company also works with "go to market", marketing consulting and quantitative research specialists in North America and other global markets. If ever these specialists are involved in any of our research projects these efforts are integrated with the King Research services and managed by our company.

Ross King founded King Research in the San Francisco Bay Area in January, 1995. Before founding the firm, he worked in Silicon Valley for many years in key sales and marketing management positions, where he gained a wealth of experience in conducting research, launching products, building distribution channels and creating sales and marketing teams. Ross developed the qualitative research capabilities used by the firm that are tailored for each client’s project needs.

Today Ross is bi-coastal, which is to say he splits his time between the West Coast of the US and the East Coast of Australia.

Ross holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of New South Wales.