King Research
We've worked for several clients over a number of years, and we asked five such clients to describe how they and their companies have benefited from using our services. They've each kindly responded with the following testimonials.

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King Research has enabled us to make business decisions on real customer-based information, not the often diverse opinions of persons within our own company.
- Jeff Hill, Director, Product Management
We did a more recent project that made clear that our customers were not going to value a potential new feature - by finding that out early we saved ourselves man-years of development.
- Alan Saldich, Vice President
King Research helps companies avoid the number one problem of venture-backed companies. i.e., they build the wrong product.
- John Oxaal, General Partner
One of the benefits of working with King Research is that we substantially reduce risk when we're developing new services. When we build and then launch new services we know that what we’re offering will be what customers want.
- Linda DeBerardinis, Market Research Manager, Services Division
It’s about accelerating the time-to-money or return on the investments we make in new products or in enhancing current products and King Research helps us do that.
- Barry Mainz, Former President, Wind River, now President and CEO at MobileIron