King Research
BlueArc Corporation

King Research has conducted several focus group and interview projects for BlueArc and at a couple of other companies where I worked, before BlueArc. All of these projects have been in the network storage market segment, where I consider Ross to be an expert.

The primary benefits that have resulted from our working with King Research are:

  • We’ve learned uncannily accurate insights into our market’s pain points, solution requirements, and purchase interests.
  • We’ve received excellent validation of new product ideas, expected market acceptance, and focus for promotional efforts.
  • We’ve avoided that multi-million dollar mistake - launching an ill-conceived product to a market that’s not interested.

King Research has enabled us to make business decisions on real customer-based information, not the often diverse opinions of persons within our own company.

King Research helps their clients organize their thoughts around what type of information they need to make good decisions. They’ve always displayed excellent interview techniques, both when moderating focus groups and in 1-1 interview situations. Plus they focus on the important stuff, and know how to quickly disregard the dreck.

We once hired King Research to help identify the market requirements for a new category of storage product. Ross conducted a series of focus groups with different industry segments and different prospective product definitions. We knew we had a winner when, at the end of a session, the respondents were asking him when and where they could buy the product?

Conversely, at another company, we had an extension of a product line that had been developed with relatively little customer input. When the product was ready to introduce, there was a strong difference of opinion among company management - should we launch the product, or not? Launching would have been a multi-million dollar exercise, and the opportunity cost of using the company’s resources on a failed launch would have been much greater. King Research was able to show that the prospective customers did not like the feature set or value proposition, and we did not launch the product. That saved us millions of dollars.

Jeff Hill, Director, Product Management, BlueArc Corporation, San Jose, CA