King Research
Wind River

King Research has provided its services at Wind River and on several other occasions at Mercury Interactive (now HP) where I worked a few years ago.

I’ve found the King Research services to be extremely valuable. First of all they’re domain experts in the technologies here at Wind River, and I found that to also be the case at Mercury.

King Research has had a lot of experience conducting research for a wide range of technology companies and that helps them quickly understand what their clients need to learn. Also all their experience means they’ve developed a framework or process for figuring out an appropriate research methodology, and then quickly doing the work and getting the answers we need.

King Research has really helped us gather and amplify the voice of the customer in a formal, effective process. They know the right questions to ask to get us the information we need. They know how to synthesize that information and to report the results in a credible way so our executive staff can understand exactly what customers want.

Given that all resources are limited, time, staff and capital, we want to avoid wasting money on something we should not do, and focus our attention on doing the things that customers consider 9s and 10s. Ultimately the research we’ve seen from King Research has helped us better align our functions, investments and priorities with the interests, needs and requirements of customers. It’s about accelerating the time-to-money or return on the investments we make in new products or in enhancing current products and King Research really helps us do that.

Barry Mainz, Former President, Wind River, now President and CEO at MobileIron